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Veterans Benefits


VUS, Inc prides itself with having the understanding that one entity is not enough to complete the mission of helping veterans obtain a life of stability. Collaboration is the key. Building relationships in the community in which veterans can receive services that are well rounded. 

VUS, Inc educates veterans with understanding the claim process. Connect them with personnel who have the  know how's of helping them complete their journey with obtaining benefits earn by serving their country.

Ending Homelessness

VUS, Inc refuses to see our comrades struggling and sleeping under bridges. VUS, Inc work diligently with connecting veterans at risk or who are homeless with obtaining services needed. 

Mental Health and Pastoral

PTSD is a disorder that can destroy a veterans life if left untreated. VUS establishes relationships with reputable mental health and substance abuse professionals who assist veterans with treatment needs. 

Pastoral service are offered to those who are needing a spiritual connection. Holistic needs include basic needs, mental needs, and spiritual needs. 

Well rounded care. 

Veterans United in Service, Inc

Veterans United in Service, Inc is a Non-Profit Organization where veterans are assisted with and educated on obtaining benefits in which they earn serving their country.  Here you, the veteran, are our priority. VUS, Inc prides itself on offering the personal assistance and care, so many veterans need.

Where Veterans Come 1st!"

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Phone: (336)809-4059


234-C East Washington Street Greensboro NC 27401


P.O. Box 20701

Greensboro NC 27420

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